It was tempting not to get up this Monday morning, as l laid under the covers with my cat, India embracing those few beautiful moments of our own – her purring seemed so magical and delicate – i became lost in the world under the covers, and the duo of breaths. It inspired me to brave the cold, prepare for my morning of shifting my body, from bed to floor – it is too easy for me to hibernate in Winter, as my pain levels rise I need to work harder to get warm and remain warm.  But today I go to Montrose Hall again – to join with Gretel Tayor’s shared practice – we do our own warm up and some solo space time, and then some moments of improvisation, suggestions for body/movement practice, and any thought and reflection. Despite the cold floor – my body is moving in a slow motion of sand – swirls of color offer me a sensation of warmth – I feel like Dancing.  I want to watch Gretel for awhile – our worlds are different, yet the same. Nature. Sensitivity. Respect. Passion for MOVEMENT…
Wonderful morning.
I come home to continue my solo work of ideas…

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