Despite the cold Winter morning in the Yarra Ranges – it was good to re-unite with the space of spaces – at Montrose Public Hall. I could have been an intruder, letting myself into Gretel Tayor’s shared practice space – only the warmth was incredibly welcoming and inspiring. It has been awhile since I have connected with the public hall space and it felt good to be back. My first breath took me by surprise as my body lowered to the floor – I had been doing much breathing focussing on the Yoga mat back at home, and now it was becoming a more real connection to me, when it is my practice to move to the floor  – a public floor, and not just the comfort of my home. It was perfect to move alone, and know that two people could move alone – to warm up, move in and out, and through time, through breaths – Movement inspires me to move,  no matter what happens next. The coldness fades beneath me, and effort becomes effortless – I see myself in a different light. I don’t close my eyes this time – my mind wanders with my fingers across the floors, shaping bold figures into abstract words, perhaps poetry – then it’s gone, my thoughts have left the space in my mind. I realise just how powerful and extraordinary movement is, even the tiniest shift to a massive leap or jump – it is an effortless joy to find, define and re-fine…  

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