Screen Dance & Performances

A showcase of some of my favourite short films and performances.


This is an experimental work, to explore a new method of film making. Using the camera to interact with my movements, rather than positioning the camera to film my performance. Instead, I used the camera to capture snippets of diverse movements and images and used this to edit together a cohesive piece.

I invited Dr. Darryl Sellwood to expand on a piece of music he had created to use for this film.

Nothing But Bones in the Way

This is a documentary chronicling the dance collaboration of myself and Dr. Dianne Reid. For more information and the full screening visit or email me at

Zoom In

Recently I was contacted about an opportunity to create an original score for Dancehouse Diary issue #12.1: What Now? – Interior Lives.

Click Here to have a look!

Sari Dance

Red Heart with Drums

Outer Space

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