Since I first got my camera in 2019, I feel like I have come a long way with my photography skills. I am inspired by the work of Australian photographer Nicole Tsourlenes, who uses assistive technology and a lot of creativity to capture the perfect shot. My photography is also produced with the help of assistive technology and is an exploration of the world around me.




Macro Lens Experiments

A Wedding Under the Silvan Oaks

Recently I problem- solved some issues with my camera mounting, with the support of James and Libby at Technical Solutions (find their website here). My previous mounts just weren’t staying steady enough. So I went back to my older mount, called the Mount ‘n’ Mover and James adapted it to my current chairs. Now I can just mount my camera and go without worrying about it moving around.

This has improved my subject focus point, I am free to focus on taking pictures!

I recently had the opportunity to do a wedding shoot and try out my new mount. 

Here are some of the photos from that day!

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