There is no better way to begin my morning than waking with my cat, moving around the bed. I am in a dozing state of mind, yet fascinated by her paws moving over my legs. There is a world out there, i should be paying attention to but i don’t – instead, I let time be mine and hers. In the next few moments – I listen to her purring. Movement is such a beautiful thing. She comes closer and i hear her louder. We move together now. Play, and wrestle under the covers, before shifting to the floor. I pretend to hide my face, and she thinks i can not see her.  For the next 40 minutes we move to the front room, the room i am moving to be my creative practice space. My yoga mats awaits me. I am not a lover for the cold – it suppresses me and I move my life within. Nevertheless my cat is teaching me to survive, by changing my space I am opening the space for the warmth to enter. My body unfolds and relaxes. I breathe alone. I close my eyes, and hear the world moving in the far distance. Where am i moving to today – my creative craves are there, but my time and energy is so precious, so limiting and so much shared between routines and other people… Nevertheless I move forward, and capture the silent and golden moment, with my gorgeous cat, India. I move, and I move again…

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