I have been MOVED by Jordan Scotney’s music for a few years now – and have used a number of tracks in performances with Dianne Reid (her work Dance Interrogations). When I “accidentally” bumped into Jordan early this year at a music event in the Ranges, I was able to simply say that, “I am inspired by your music to dance.” Jordan’s response was not to say, oh that’s nice and keep walking – he was keen to know, which tracks i liked and why they worked for me and so went the conversation. I took a bold step then and suggested that could meet in a space some day and try some collaboration.

Four months later – it happened last Thursday afternoon, on my 56th Birthday. I found the space and invited Jordan, and a small crew of song makers and sound creators to join me.

I certainly found myself totally absorb in my creative experience of movement. The connection was there from the first note to the last. I was comfortable to explore, move without any hesitation, listening closely to the piano and the African drums. I was in my zone of images, moving in and out and around the space.

my happy place
is alive and well.
Just Being
Doing my thing,

Yes… I pushed temptation to try my hands on the drums. Percussions on my wrists and taking the sounds from my voice, to echo into the sound of other voices in the space. There were moments and more moments, creative moments as well as safe and no need to try too hard moments. Libby and i have a very professionally driven relationship to write papers for conferences. Today we explore other areas. Wonderful.

I am.
feeling the movement,
of drums,
heart beats
of travelling places,
valleys of running water,
talking with elephants,
big cats and little cats,
why can’t the freedom
stay awhile…

Thanks Jordan, Libby and Jordan’s friend Chantelle

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