Spasmotive 2—loop play with Franca and Dianne

Friday 8 September
@ the Women’s Circus

Franca set up three different styles and heights of her ‘loops’ to play with the cocoon idea, moving from floor to loop and hanging in the hammock just above the ground, experimenting with hanging, rolling, swinging. Dianne filmed a lot of the play and identified a few “moves” that we could return to:

the womb or cocoon (tucked inside)
the coffin (laying on back just with head out)
the dolphin or mermaid (legs hanging out and feet crossed like a tail fin)
the birth (shoulders pushing through and body tumbling out onto the floor)

We thought about using some of the footage (or shoot some more) for projection onto hanging cloth
in the flesh leotard in the cocoon and swinging in toward the camera

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