Spasmotive 3—introduction with visual artist Stef Robinson

Sunday 10 September
@ Mel’s Studio, Mooroolbark

Stef came to my studio and I showed her some of my artwork before we talked about ideas for Spasmotive.

Here’s Stef’s feedback after our first session:

What a great day on Sunday…thanks.

I thought I would write down the outcome of what we came up with,  firstly have it in writing and also so you could make sure that it fits in with the direction that the rest of the show is going….and to make sure that we are on the same page…

In response to the drawing of yourself outlined life size on the floor, and your first drawing for this work of a head with neural pathways, we imagined a drop of fabric falling from a rafter that has the outline of you drawn on it, that has been stitched with wool(?) also the neural pathways in the brain  drawn/stitched.(do these pathsways go through the whole body?)

These stitches would have knotty bits and loose ends (representing the spams and misfiring and knoting of signals in the brain/nervous system.)

This fabric drop could also be a shadow screen and a projection screen.
As well as the stitching it could have other drawings on  it

The fabric drop could be present all the way through or it could be released into the space at moment in the show.

It could be good to film some of the making/ stitching of the piece, to be projected in the show??

The stitching will be done with a plastic needle
I will source a suitable fabric for this (it could be muslin or it could be a open weave silk or a heavy hessian, cotton will probably be too tightly woven for a plastic needle to pass through)

It could be the only drop in the space or there could be others…

It isn’t what you were originally imagining which is was making something together that you can climb in and out of… at this stage I that doing that could be potentially too big a project for the limited budget…?? but I’m writing this to check in that you are ok with moving away from this original vision.

it is possible to still also create a cocoon like structure that hangs, out of the cane and paper, lantern style, which could look like you are emerging from it, it could also carry projections or light.

At the moment I am planning to gather a few samples and prices for you to choose from for the fabric and ill look at sticking options as well…wool our embroidery thread or ??…
Mel you said green as the colour for the stitching…??

…we have Tuesday sept 26th booked in for another session. We could have the fabric and thread for this and start the drop or I could bringing a piece of fabric and we could trail the idea to make sure its going to work??either way I will need to go shopping… If this is too soon between you getting the samples and making a decision and me having materials for the next meet up I am also available the following Tuesday (3rd oct) 

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