Spasmotive 1—the solo project

Spasmotive is a creative development project funded by Creative Victoria, that involves the creative development of a new solo work for myself as a “diverse dancer.” 

Working with in the Women’s Circus venue with aerial rigger Franca Stadler, dance trainer and video artist Dianne Reid, visual designer Stef Robinson and composer Mark Lang, I am experimenting with the development of a three-dimensional performance environment which acts both as a metaphor for the nature and behaviour of CP neural pathways, and offers multi-dimensional possibilities for re-routing and re-configuring my dance performance.  

“I am thinking about creating a performance, using the complexity of the inside of my brain, my body, and the relationship I have with myself. I am in the first person in my body. It is not about me. It is me. I am using a microscope to see inside my brain. It is complex, parts of my brain are a complete wiry mess with signals flashing in all attempts to find the correct route, but missing the path way, and ending up somewhere else. Spasm strikes in my arm. Another signal begins…I move with it, take another direction before I get on track. It becomes what it becomes…  the audience sees the INSIDE, the complexity of my brain, the skeleton, the mess and the de-tangling…” 

Day 1…  Am I ready for this new development of space playing… of course I am. I feel back inside the womb, where I begin to move with each cell… the world is perfect inside and I’m safe in my body…  

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