Latest Exhibit

‘My Pop, My Hero’

This work was part of a local exhibition run by Burrinja Cultural Centre, the ‘Upwey Archies’.

It had to be a portrait of someone important to me. I decided to use an old photograph of my grandfather, Bert. I used my imagination for the oranges, because he was an orange grower in Robinvale. I will never forget this beautiful man.

Artwork Update

Time to work on some new techniques! During the last few months of being in and out of lockdown I have been using the time to explore ways to take my art in a new direction.

Some of you may know that I have been sharing my original mindfulness meditations with my mentees as a way to start our sessions. This painting is inspired by my mentee, Lily, and is an exploration of an imagined journey.

Recently I have been exploring using acrylic paints. My dad was an avid painter, and luckily for me, also a collector of painting supplies. I have inherited many of his brushes and paints, so I have been using them in my work. I feel this is a great way to connect with my dad’s legacy.

Lily’s Travels

As well as acrylics, I have also been exploring perspective to add a new dimension to my work. Using my dad’s brown paints (why did you have so much brown, Dad?), I spent many evenings working on this painting of a Jetty by the ocean. This painting is inspired by my own travels, bringing the ocean closer to me.



It has already been a few months of working on this project with the Women*s Circus. Momentum is the brainchild of Devon Taylor, bringing together an ensemble cast of diverse abilities. It will be performed as a part of the Art Centre Metro Train Tunnel Project.

It has been a journey of working with artists in completely different ways, as we piece together the project as we explore…I have been working with many different aspects of Circus- harness aerial work, movement, choreography, as well as workshops lead by diverse artists.

I had the unique opportunity to explore how choreographed dance can work with my body and movements, playing with timing and pace, to integrate with the group. This has been really exciting.

It will be an outdoor event, later this year.

Musical Instrument Project

Recently, we were successful in our bid to secure a funding grant for a new and exciting project… to create a musical instrument which I will wear and interact with using movement.

I am working with a team of amazingly knowledgeable researchers and academics, including Dr. Anthea Skinner and Dr. Alon Ilsar, with Libby Price as my sidekick. We are planning to present a discussion paper, hopefully with video, at a conference in December.

It will kick off in August so watch this space!

Just a word?

Those who know me well, know me for my use of words and terminology I prefer. The one word I wish would disappear and never be returned ever, is Carer. I realise it has a purpose in a child’s relationship with parents and people caring for them. But when the word Carer replaces support worker and personal assistant in the life of an adult who lives with a Disability – it makes me cringe and feel like I am not capable of caring for myself. I know it is just a word, but words have big impacts. I also think the term is equally important to the person/s employed or volunteering to support me. This person is invaluable and such an huge part of my day to day life – I so love them to know they are support staff with professionalism and their title is worthy to their employer and the community. I know I can’t change the world and it might be just my opinion of the word – though I hope people can begin to understand my passion to see it not be used to describe the person/s supporting me…

Knees and Shrubs

I am excited to finally be able to share with you all that my latest work ‘Knees and Shrubs’ will be appearing in another festival. From 22- 25th April Knees and Shrubs will be showing as part of Midsumma festival’s event A Strange Space.

Recently I was invited by Burrinja CEO Gareth Hart to participate in a Burrinja Cultural Art’s Centre film festival ‘Body as is; Place’. This theme inspired me to explore movement and nature on a friends property in Silvan. The film was situated beneath two Oak trees which are estimated to be at least 150 years old.

After the screening event at Burrinja, I was invited with the other artists participating to join an open panel and answer questions from the audience about the making of the film.

View Knees and Shrubs for free at the below links between 22-25th April

A Strange Space website

Midsumma Festival website