Artwork Update

Time to work on some new techniques! During the last few months of being in and out of lockdown I have been using the time to explore ways to take my art in a new direction.

Some of you may know that I have been sharing my original mindfulness meditations with my mentees as a way to start our sessions. This painting is inspired by my mentee, Lily, and is an exploration of an imagined journey.

Recently I have been exploring using acrylic paints. My dad was an avid painter, and luckily for me, also a collector of painting supplies. I have inherited many of his brushes and paints, so I have been using them in my work. I feel this is a great way to connect with my dad’s legacy.

Lily’s Travels

As well as acrylics, I have also been exploring perspective to add a new dimension to my work. Using my dad’s brown paints (why did you have so much brown, Dad?), I spent many evenings working on this painting of a Jetty by the ocean. This painting is inspired by my own travels, bringing the ocean closer to me.


2 thoughts on “Artwork Update

  1. Wow! you leave me breathless with your enthusiasm so proud of you and your work you are so talented uncle watching over you❤


  2. The jetty is my favorite of your works so far! so evocative. and the balloon has me hearing “up, up and away” all afternoon.


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