The past few months have seen big developments in the AirSticks project. We have had two successful grant applications and expanded the team to include costume designers, lighting, choreographers and mentors.

It also means that I have been granted a 12 month residency at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). This will allow me to work on the AirSticks project with VCA PhD students as well as use of the motion capture technology.

I now have my own AirStick instrument to practice with at home, and am learning to use the Ableton Live software to create totally original compositions.

I am finding new ways to make music with the AirSticks. It is amazing to explore, dare I say it, the Rhythm of My Body Shapes. It’s also pretty exciting to learn more about the sounds of music. Especially with these beautiful new hearing aids. Now I can pick up nuances to the music which I never did before.

This month will also see my performance of ‘Humanist’ at Burrinja Cultural Centre in Upwey, on the closing night of a three day dance festival. This is an installation mixed media piece I have been working on and have now also brought in a soundscape created using the AirSticks.

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