Remembering Tom

Tom was a beautiful young man I had the absolute privilege of getting to know over the past 4 years. Tom lived in Hong Kong and our mentoring sessions happened on Saturday afternoons via Zoom. Tom never shied away from sharing his thoughts with me, he was an incredible communicator, had a wonderful witty sense of humour and a remarkable perception to know the world around him and the people who knew him best. When Tom chatted to me last week he was excited about turning 18 very soon and we discussed what he might do and that pretty much sums up the incredible passion for life Tom shared with us…

While Tom’s life with us came to a sudden end recently, he will always be remembered for his legacy as a practical thinker and a creative mastermind of Uno. Tom loved cooking and was originally inspired by Uncle Roger’s videos, until he moved on to tease Gordon Ramsay.

Tom was a very compassionate young man, and our mentor sessions would usually begin with him asking me how I had slept the night before.

I’m feeling the numbness of knowing there has been a departure of someone I wish there were more, much more time with… Tom, you were one of a kind and thank you for every thing you shared… photo permission & credit Merridy Smits

2 thoughts on “Remembering Tom

  1. Oh, Mel, thinking of you as you remember your friend and the wonderful relationship you had. He must have treasured you as his mentor, your wisdom, life experience, love and laughter…Your words are a beautiful tribute to him, love and thoughts ❤️


  2. Hi Mel.

    Rick Smits here. Tom’s Dad. Thank you for everything you did for Tom. You were an important part of an important little boys life.

    We take solace in that Tom had a great last day. He went to a softball event. He came home saying he loved the batting and the cheering. He went to bed with a smile and a giggle. He was happy.

    Thank you, … and best wishes.


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