Just a word?

Those who know me well, know me for my use of words and terminology I prefer. The one word I wish would disappear and never be returned ever, is Carer. I realise it has a purpose in a child’s relationship with parents and people caring for them. But when the word Carer replaces support worker and personal assistant in the life of an adult who lives with a Disability – it makes me cringe and feel like I am not capable of caring for myself. I know it is just a word, but words have big impacts. I also think the term is equally important to the person/s employed or volunteering to support me. This person is invaluable and such an huge part of my day to day life – I so love them to know they are support staff with professionalism and their title is worthy to their employer and the community. I know I can’t change the world and it might be just my opinion of the word – though I hope people can begin to understand my passion to see it not be used to describe the person/s supporting me…

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