Cecil Street Studio… The Last Breath

Cecil Street Studio

Back to … 2010,

I made my first entry,

Laughing with my newest dance dude,

As my feet tangled themselves

I had no idea what was coming next,

An improvised dance performance

Known as the Little Con;

Keen to watch,

but wary to participate.

I had so much to learn.

So much

So much to learn…

Since that night, one single night…

Much has happened, in my life

In the Cecil street space,

Pink walls, uneven floors –

It all helped to shift my confident

To be bold, beautiful and hilarious

In my relationship to dance,

Making connections with people I never imagined to meet:

Wow … Anne O’Keefe, Andrew Morrish, Al Wunder, Alice Cummins ….

And many more on my list of bodies to have,

Rubbed shoulders

Exchanged eye contact

Controlled falls

Risky landings…

From watching many performances in awe,

To practicing improvised scores,

Duos, Trios, Groups

,… To Solos,

Yes…. Solos….

I have performed

Solos at  Cecil Street

(Andrew Morrish your last word to me:

“look at them, connect with them

and you have them

so begin Your journey with them invite them”)

Life goes on after

Cecil Street studio closes the door;

The community exists

I exist




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